09 April 2009

A Question To You

There has been a lot of debate on the casting choices for the Twilight Saga films and I would like to pose some questions to you. I don't think that some are aware of the humongous and diverse fan-base of the series (besides the actors and Ms. Meyer) and I for one would like to see someone near my age cast in a role. (not saying I'm ancient...lol) I applaud the casting agents for choosing to use Native Americans in the roles for the Quilete because it symbolizes a turning point in the industry; not to mention it is not in a negative light! But would the fans(i.e. YOU) like to see yourselves represented in films(and not just the Twilight Sagas). I read about the casting backlash from the devoted when they decided on Robert as Edward, but look how that turned out..hehe

Would you like to see actors outside the 18-24 demographic cast in the films?

Would it matter to you if one of the cast were older, but did not look their age?

Which would matter more: their authenticity or their ability?

I look forward to your comments!!

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