24 April 2009

Even Ted Backs Me Up....Sort Of.

Whether you loathe him or hate him, there is one thing about Ted Casablanca you gotta love...
When it comes to getting stuff, he gets it! And this time, he actually in a round about way, confirms something I have long stated and posted before...Kstew does NOT have a Myspace!

"Kristen Stewart supposedly just posted on her "official" MySpace that she was now single, because her "boyfriend" had cheated on her.

So which dirty boy was she talking about? Rob or Michael Angarano?

"She doesn't have a MySpace," dished Kristen's rep when we asked if K. Stew's relationship update was real. How odd, it sure looks real.

Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for an official goodbye boyfriend post, but it's our job to tell ya what's going on."

That Myspace (along with a couple of others) are faker than Paris Hilton's hair extensions!!

I am stunned that I am about to say this but.... THANK YOU TED!! You have just confirmed what I, MTV and others had been saying...

But then he goes back towards this route....

"And what does Pattinson have to say about all the Kristen “rumors”?

Rob tells Entertainment Tonight, "It becomes a joke. There was some magazine the other day about me and Kristen, and when you look at it and realize it's on the front of a magazine...You realize that people are actually reading that even though how ridiculous it is. It's really bizarre."

We’re not exactly seeing a denial there?"

Although he is right.......

And since I'm on the gossip tip tonight, only because it confirmed something I have been mentioning form the start...

He does state in his latest Truth, Lies and Ted what a lot of people were saying..That Nikki was leaking out the cast whereabouts while in Vancouver and calling the paps HERSELF with info! That sounds dirty to me, don't you think? For shame Nikki.. No wonder she was up there longer than she was scheduled to be and just so happy to take pics!*rolls eyes* It could be why Lainey is quiet on the New Moon gossip front.. That's because Blabbermouth Nikki isn't up there feeding her stuff.

I do feel bad for the cast.. And sometimes you never know who your friends truly are... So Kstew, my word to you is watch your ass girl... Rob as well..

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