16 April 2009

Swimming In It.. Loathing it

As much as I try to avoid the mere appearance of celebrity gossip, I seem to get sucked in like a popcorn kernel up a Hoover; especially when it comes to Twilight.... It annoys me to the point where I'm wondering what is real and such. I think it means I'm starting to care ( oh shit! HELL is freezing right now!!). Even though I really don't, it does pose a question..what is real and what is fake?! It seems lately there have been enormous rumors flying about regarding the young cast of Twilight (sans Taylor..thank God!) about who is sleeping with who, who is dating who, who is breaking up with who and who is doing who number one behind who number two's back.. It's like a jacked up version of Sweet Valley High with All My Children (an American soap opera) sprinkled on top with Grey's Anatomy as the crust!

*gets dizzy and grabs smelling salts*

See what I mean?

We all know bedding where you eat is never a good thing (trust me. that can of worms should be left closed). All the women/men in the world and you pick your co-stars?? EGAD PEOPLE!! If it is true, then may Almighty God help ya (in a Southern voice). I have grown tired of this mess and I wish it would just go away..the gossip I mean.. So you know what I'm going to do, I'm going to crush all these rumors here. How you may ask.. by giving one simple answer to all the questions.

1. Is Kristen and Rob shagging/dating/snogging? My answer: WHO GIVES A *bleeep*

2. Is Nikki a fame whore and is she trying to latch onto Kristen and Rob? My answer: I DON'T GIVE A *bleep*
3. Is Ashely Greene and Jackson Rathbone dating/shagging/snogging? My Answer: WHY DO YOU *bleeping* CARE?!
4. Who is everyone dating from the cast of Twilight? My answer: Whatever they are doing has NOTHING to do with you personally, and.... IT'S NONE OF YOUR *bleeping* BUSINESS!!

Why am I fed up with this?

Because Twitters and gossip posts I've been seeing by some people is giving me roid rage! I will give them this, it keeps the names in the papers. As the say, bad publicity is better than no publicity, eh?

Let me share something with you..Come closer my dears and gather around my frozen fire.. They have to tell people they are SINGLE! Why? Because if the object of someone's affection is viewed as available, their stock rises higher. More women flock to see a single man's films/shows/etc. than one who is say attached. Its a psychological game being played which is really sad.
So if they are boinking/rubbing noses/doing the horizontal mambo/shagging/canoodling/etc. it doesn't matter..

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