03 April 2009

I Hate Dumb Broads....

There is a pic of Rob floating around cyberspace from a certain immature Canadian brat(no offense to Canadians) and her friends that was taken without his knowledge. In her blog she disses him and IMHO, was quite the stuck-up bitch. So, being the outspoken woman I am, I left her a comment on her Flickr page....(and NO I am not posting her blog info. I'm not gonna let her get anymore hits for being such a bitch!)

gallifreyan1 says:


I've read how this pic came about and here are my two cents..

Lets see, he declines to take a pic with you and you sorry broads take one anyway? What kind of mature thinking was that? Oh wait, I forgot you are a pompous, conceited little girl who lacks of any real journalistic skills and integrity. All this gathered from reading your 'blog'.

"Mr. Twilight was at the party but wasn’t “doing pictures,” so no luck. Raymi and I went up to him to chat it up instead, but he had way too much attitude for someone that will probably be starring in American Pie 11 someday. "<~~that comment shows to me that you were pissed because he wouldn't pose for you. Maybe he is tired of random people 'chatting him up' and just wanted to chill out. Did that thought ever pass your mind? Of course not.. Sounds quite pathetic to me...

Tsk, tsk poor little girl who didn't get a picture with 'Mr. Twilight'. Boohoo, so I'm going to blog about it and crap..

Great job of adding to your 15 minutes..

It could've been worse.. I could have called her a 50 times bottle-dyed, ill-mannered, overly-tanned piece of immature bitch who acted childish and unwarranted and thinks her shit don't stink!

I think that if a person say no, their request should be honored regardless of who you are..

No means NO!

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  1. Ome that was your comment? Haha that was my favorite one.


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