18 April 2009

Birthdays, Nutters and the Single Life!

Today the crush of my adult life (well one of them), turns 38 today.. Who you may ask? David Tennant of course! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him!! I get flack for fancying guys who would not give me the time of day in my normal life. pffft! Like I care..lol Its harmless. I'm not one of those nutters who stalks people, has weird facinations with complete strangers and tries to impose themselves on another being. I just like to look. Plus I like artistic & intelligent guys and those are in limited supply around here.. Well, the cute ones...lol I would take a talented cute guy over an athletic type anyday..Why, because they are more inclined not to have me in a bathing two-piece lmao! Its funny..

I had someone ask me the other day why I am single(and not the say i'm single but hooking up with someone else single either) and I told them it was by choice. And instead of leaving my answer where it lay, he asks me again. I guess he was waiting for me to give him a different answer;but that wasn't the case. I like to think I am waiting.. Waiting for my career to take off, waiting till I'm set, waiting till I am ready and quite possible I am waiting for my soul to say, "YES!! That's him!" So far, my soul has been quiet in that notion..lol

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