08 April 2009

Is Lainey A closet Twiligher?

Ok, now most people know I detest gossip, but one site in particular is giving me mixed feelings. Lainey's Gossip (which has been the source for a lot of New Moon pics), seems to be a bit of a Twi-hard herself. I think she is a closet Twilighter..lol How havve I come to this conclusion, easy...Her latest pics of Jackson Rathbone returning to Vancouver.

Such pictorial evidence cannot be dismissed..
She compliments his style..Yes Effortless=Sexy!!

"This is my team. This is the best team. Team Jasper/Jackson" <~~ her words

So yes, I think Lainey secretly obsesses about Jackson and is a Twi-Hard down to her core!

For the rest of the pics and her stuff click HERE

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