02 April 2009

See I Told you....

Courtesy of Twilight Lexicon and MTV, MTV spoke with Kristen Stewart's reps and she does not, I REPEAT, does not have Twitter or Facebook! So, if you are on Twitter like myself and you have posers you are following, tell them off and delete. Unless you ask them personally and there is some kind of visual proof, I would'nt follow them. There are those who say they are fake in their name so this list doesn't concern them. There is a difference between being a fan and just being a liar..

A quote from MTV,

"She does not Twitter or Facebook or anything,” was the response we got from reps for the real KStew when we approached them.

Here is a list and unless proven otherwise......

Poser List on Twitter

kristensss aka kstitch
kristenjstewart (and her myspace,facebook, etc..)
akaDaddyC (supposedly Peter, but go to his official Myspace, nothing about twitter is mentioned)
Rachelle Lefevre (no word on confirmation, but I highly doubt it's her)

Oh there are more, but I don't have the patience to play witch hunt..

Remember, if it has not come out officially or they haven't confirmed it....They're fake..

The girls at Spunk-Ransom confirmed that the RobPattinson Myspace is fake as well via Rob's assistant, Nick Frenkel

it seems that one was missing from the list(don't know how that happened.....) it has be re-added.

For the complete MTV article, Click HERE

(Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for the Tweet scoop)


  1. i got a question--why'd you delete rtp130586? (it's in google's cache)

  2. i did? it should be there.. i will re-add it..


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