15 April 2009

So Much!!

Ok I'm in green mode LOL!

Last night 100Monkeys (I HEART THEM!!) played a show at Backstage Lounge in Vancouver and some Twilighters attended the shows! Also in attendace were several cast members. I will not be posting anything from those sites, but I will list the links! These girls I give them props because not only were they cool about approaching the cast, they didn't act like nutters and treated them just like regular folk! KUDOS GIRLS!! And they were kind and sweet and just totally numero uno chicas in my book! I'm still waiting to read Twicrack's story (she was at the show as well) from that night.

MaggieQ and Trina's story at Twilight20Somethings

Confessions of a Twi-Crack Addict Vancouver Day Four

New Moon Cast At 100Monkeys Concert via Cullen Boys Anonymous

Again girls, you rock!!

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