08 April 2009

Peter Facinelli Wants to Be The Doctor !!

Peter Facinelli, known to Twilight fans as Dr. Carslie Cullen, discussed wanting to play an American version of The Doctor.

"I wish we had Doctor Who in America.

"Everyone in UK was raving about it when I came over for the conference. I’d love to watch it. Or even star as the Doctor in a film. I could even get a long stripy scarf!"

I guess he hasn't watched BBC America lol..

Peter also discussed his role in the Twilight series and his up and coming role as a scatter-brained doctor in the series Nurse Jackie.

Peter will also be attending London Film and Comic-Con. also Attending will be beloved fourth Doctor, Tom Baker!!

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For the London Comic Convention, Click HERE

(thanks to TwiCrack & her undercover dealer lol)

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