09 April 2009

Dali's Accent..

Rob Pattinson takes on a Spanish accent in the Salvador Dali bio-pic Little Ashes , but does it come off as one? MTV asked that question to the experts! Joel Goldes, a veteran acting coat stated that, "I think it's a credible Spanish accent," and "I think if I didn't know his background, I wouldn't suspect anything." They also asked accent coach Claudette Roche and acting coach Bruce Ducat about Rob's accent as well.

"In the clip with the three guys, when he says, 'I expect so,' the way that he says 'so' is right on the money," Goldes said. "It's not English or American-sounding. It's not two sounds or two vowel sounds; it's just one. The 'oh' sound, that's exactly right."

Ms. Roche also stated that in contrast to Javier Beltran's native Barcelona accent, it is a contrast, but Rob pulls it off.

Also in question was would his accent affect his fan base to which Bruce Ducat stated, "I think if I was one of the thousands of adolescent young women who are automatically his fans, I would buy it," he said, adding one caveat: "I think if he has to meet the scrutiny of people whose ears are tuned for accuracy, it may be 50/50."

Personally speaking, to take on an accent that is not native to your tongue, takes skill and practice. I remember learning French and Spanish and the different stresses throughout the languages and the placement of the tongue were challenging to say the least. Based on the previews, I think Rob did quite well, although he does slip into his American accent a few times. If Dali were alive, I think he might be intrigued with the film and who was portraying him.

Little Ashes opens in limited release the 8th of May 2009.

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