01 June 2009

MTV Movie Awards Recap and Review

Unless you were living under a rock, or in another country..The MTV Movie Awards were last night..And it was interesting...

Anyone and everyone knew Twilight was going to take it all.. Well almost..lol

Myself and others were Twittering during the live event and when the results were announced, lets just say, I was VERY vocal!

We also saw the first trailer for New Moon(i have it posted HERE), scenes from Transformers 2 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

For one, I was disappointed that the Best Villain award was not presented live; which totally irked me! Yes, Heath Ledger got it posthumously, but still a public acknowledgment by the fans would've been nice!

Best Female Performance...EXCUSE ME! This is how I KNOW the Twilight fans voted their socks off! How the hell can you say Kstew was the best actress beating out Taraji P. Henson..HELLO!! She was much better as Benjamin Button's surrogate mother! An outrage!!!

Andy Sandberg (I LOVE HIM!!) was hilarious in the beginning and he did well with his hosting!

The WTF moment of the night, Sasha Baron-Cohen aka Bruno, landing arse first into Eminem's face! That was CLASSIC!! Staged or no, it was still the best WTF moment of the night.

Forest Whitaker singing D**k in a Box.. LMFAO!

Rob talking about something coming out of his pants..Um yeah.. the shirt!! lol

The kiss that all Robsten fans wanted to see, never occurred! It looked like Rob was so into kissing her publicly and Kstew just looked um..like she wanted to hurl! Arms crossed.. Also, did anyone notice how far apart Rob and Kstew were that night? The only time they were sitting together was for the Best Kiss award.. Adding more fuel to the fire of Robsten gossip.

Ben Stiller getting the Generation Award.. NICE!! I love Ben Stiller! The whole Oscar parody was funny. Kiefer breaking down was silly lol.

Oh lest we not forget Kstew's epic fail of major proportions! I loved it! Clumsy chick dropping stuff.. hahaha!

Oh and for those who were wondering... Jackson was NOT at the awards.

Now to the fashions...Errr...

Cam Gigandet- One Word.. HOT! If he didn't have a GF already..lol
Kstew *fashionFAIL* Her dress looked like she pulled it from a bottom of a shredder bin. And the sneakers? *shakes head*
Ashley Greene- NICE! Very classic and beautiful dress! She looked lovely! Her dress complimented her shape and the hair was classic. KUDOS!
Rob Pattinson--err... Seriously! Did he totally take his clothes straight from the suitcase? A steam iron works wonders dude... STYLIST FAIL!!
Taylor akak Taytay- Good job. Nothing more to say.
Peter Facinelli- YES! although, I would've loved the jacket to be a bit longer over the torso..But still looking very nice!
Kellan Lutz- You can take the boy out the midwest..But you can't take the midwest out the boy. I think he borrowed Jackson's hat. Still nice!
Miley Cyrus- I loved that dress! Bad color, but very nice! IM ON A BOAT YO! lol
Ashley Tisdale (from HSM3) looking adoreable! Darker hair, not so overprocessed.. and cute outfit..
Vanessa Hudgens--Um a bit over dressed.. but cute..
Zac Efron- Yeah.. Clean, classic and well cut..
Christian Serrantos- Gorgeous! The dress was a good cut for her tiny figure and the color was complementing.
Megan Fox- WTF was with the oil slick? Looked like she stole one of Dita Von Teese's dresses..

And yeah that's the fashion run-down! lol

So here is the complete list of winners:

Best Movie : Twilight
Best Breakthrough Female: Ashley Tisdale in High School Musical 3
Best Breakthrough Male: Rob Pattinson in Twilight
Best Male Performance: Zac Efron in High School Musical 3
Best Female Performance: Kristen Stewart
Best Comedic Performance: Jim Carrey in Yes Man
Best Song from a Movie: Miley Cyrus 'The Climb' from Hannah Monatana: The Movie
Best Villian: Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
Best Kiss: Rob Pattinson and Kristin Stewart in Twilight
Best Fight: Rob Pattionson vs Cam Gigandet in Twilight
Best WTF Moment: Amy Poehler in Baby Mama
Generation Award : Ben Stiller

for videsos of acceptance speeches and highlights, visit mtv.com

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