01 June 2009

You Know What...

You are probably wondering why I'm saying this..

As an up and coming person in my field, there is ONE thing professionals do not tolerate... UN-PROFESSIONALISM!! You DO NOT call a casting agency asking about casting if they have NOT contacted YOU! That is the way it is! Only agents can call them. The only way to submit headshots and resumes is via snail mail.. Or your agent..

Well, those lovely die-hard Twi-hards, once it was out that Eclipse was casting, decided to flood the LA casting office handling the auditions with calls!! YOU DON'T BLOODY DO THAT! And thanks to those enormous amounts of individuals, people like me with no agent who love the business and see it as an opportunity, now have to find another means of gaining an aufition. Yes the info was posted about it, but it was also sated that NO PHONE CALLS!

That to me is not only unprofessional, but stupid and completely RUDE!

You want to be a part of the franchise, ok sure..I understand that. A lot of people do. It would be a career boost.. An epic opportunity that looks great on an actor's resume. Or just to say you were in the film.. But I know why many did it..To get close to the cast! Go to convention, set stalk for all I care. Hang out infront of the hotel and shit.. Be a bloody extra! But don't fuck up opportunites for the rest of us who love acting and who want in the business so bad it bleeds.

Yeah there are other ways of maybe getting an audition for some role in the film, but SERIOUSLY! If you knew how hard it was for actors go get in film, you would'nt have been such a jackass in your dealings. You idiots made an epic fail of massive porportions!

Now I'm not knocking the bloggers who posted that the casting had begun.. No.. Not that..That was posted on E! But not the contact info.. This is for those idiots who were so nice to get the info from a certain resource and act completely stupid without thinking..Or reading!

So if I lose Twitter follwers or readers, I don't care. This career..its my life..My dream(although my dream will continue regardless) and I don't tolerate stupidity and unprofessionalism!!

So yeah you fucked up.. EPIC FAIL to you..

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  1. UGH Cams I'm so sorry... Being "in" the industry I understand about proper protocol. I mean seriously actual people who live for this craft struggle hard enough with out superfans on crack bombarding auditions or castings! I don't have any casting contacts but if I can do anything let me know.


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