06 June 2009

Oh my

I know.. I know..

Days without a Twilight related post...Sowwy :(

I've been a bit busy with things & such.. Lovely fun..lol I've also been working on new poetry & some other things...

The one thing I'm dreading is writing my letter of decline to AADA. It pains me to write it & that's why I haven't as of yet. This economy really bites in more ways than one. But, when one door closes..as they say.

I also have to mention some awesome people I've met. They know who they are! I tend to think of myself as a good judge of character..Just don't prove me wrong..


Anywhoo, things are looking up in other areas and that is what is important to me.. My career, my familia y mi vida :)

So, till the next post...

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  1. Check my blog woman! I'm sorry the internet died and left you hangin!

    The economy does suck it needs to get better. But there is always hope even in the dark. You just have to feel it out!


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