29 June 2009

BET Awards '09 Coverage

So tonight I watched the BET awards and for the most part, its was a hot GHETTO MESS!!! I guess class education doesn't exist anymore.. And this is why I don't watch BET anyway.. But tonight, I wanted to see how they would remember The King of Pop, the Late Michael Jackson. I give credit to Jamie Foxx for doing the best he could with such a disjointed mess. But, I liked a few of the performances.

Now here are the few moments I liked:

Show opening of New Edition doing a Jackson 5 medley. Seeing how if it wasn't for J5, New Edition, NKOTB, the Osmonds, BSB, NSync, etc. would not exist. It was nice seeing that.

Ne-yo singing 'The Lady In My Life'

Beyonce's rendition of 'Ave Maria/ Arms of The Angel'
(the latter has a special memory for me and 'Ave Maria' always pulls my heart)

Ciara singing 'Heal The World'

The Ojay's :) nuff said!

Maxwell's return performance :)

Janet Jackson's emotional appearance speaking on behalf of her family.

Ne-yo and Jamie Foxx singing 'I'll Be There'

They also showed snippets from previous concerts and his last appearance with the Godfather of Soul, the Late James Brown.

I think maybe later a better tribute might be done.. Who knows. I hope so!

I think for the rush job it was, it had good moments. It focused on his achievements, his contribution to African-American history and culture, and his humanitarian contributions. During these last few days since his passing, the media and others have focused on his short comings, his eccentric behavior, his surgeries, and that mess of a trial.

It amazes me how ignorant people are when they do not know the facts.

Lets see, he had his first nose job after falling and breaking his nose on stage, not to mention the constant ridicule from his father. He suffered from Vitilligo, which is a skin disorder common in African Americans, so in order not to come outside in a heavy pancaked mess, he chose to fix it. And his eccentric behavior, PUHLEEZE!!! Everyone has their quirks and weird things about themselves. Don't act like you don't.. Glass houses...

In regards to the child molestation charges, the man was aquitted. Let it go! Mind you, noone has heard a peep from his accusors since the trial and crap. (even with being told to keep quiet, people still speak!) Especially those who profited from it. I think if someone was molested, they would be an advocate for child abuse. You didn't see that from those people and you never will...

This is a time to remember his contribution to popular culture, entertainment and history! He changed the way MTV played African-American artist, he broke Guiness book records, he contributed to over 30 charities, he helped raise funds for Africa and 9/11 families (I guess people forget those things), and he also brought people together from all backgrounds. He was also a son, a brother, and a father who will be missed not just this weekend, but forever.

I have a feeling he was greeted warmly in his next life and he is at some sort of peace.

It upsets me, and this goes for anyone, that people would make a mockery of someone's death so soon..

Its not kind to mock the dead...

Are you listening Perez.... Gossip mongers...

p.s. Now, don't think I'm saying this because I'm African-American. As the saying goes, don't get it twisted! There are alot of things I don't agree with that people do regardless of ethnicity, but I give credit where credit is due, regardless of what YOU think. So stuff that in you hypocritical-bullshit-like your shit don't stink-glass house living pipe and smoke it :)!

Maybe you didn't read my disclaimer...


  1. I just have to say...AMEN! I agree 100% with everything you just said! MJ was an amazing man and performer! He will always be alive in my heart and through his music! We miss you MJ!

  2. Amen!! Someone had to say!! What went on in Michael's personal life was his to deal with. We all answer to someone at some point and now it's his time. He was a great artist and contributed so much. You can never take that away from him. He effected so many generations of people. If we all focused on the positive rather then the negative maybe half the world wouldn't be on anti- depressants.


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