25 June 2009

Perez Needs His ASS Whipped!! AGAIN!!

Yes I said it!

That wanna be famous, full of shit, ignorant, glass house living bitch! He is faker than the bitches he calls friends! I can't stand him! I can't stand how he talks so much BS about people and thinks its gossip or news! He is full of shit! And you know what? I'm glad he got punched in his bloody face! He deserves it! After the crap he pulls and then this today....

To see Perez's original post, Click here

Sorry, I refuse to post that pic because it's degrading! A stunt? Get real loser!! Regardless of his personal life, you remember the person's achievements!

So Perez, when God calls you up, you better make sure your life was worth living and you achieved something worth mentioning..


  1. It shouldn't matter what someone did while they were alive... He may have made mistakes... but he is dead and he will forever be a legend... we should respect him no matter what!

  2. Perez Hilton just needs to disappear.

  3. I hate that man with every fiber of my being. Michael was a legend and half the people he trashes were inspired by him. You can sort of say without "Jacko" Perez wouldn't have much of a job. Jerk. All of his posts on Michael since his passing have been so rude. He'll get what he deserves one day.


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