16 June 2009

100Monkeys Interview and Ripped Shirts...

My most hearted and loved affiliates at Cullen Boys Anonymous.com posted their hilarious and must see interview with 100Monkeys and Uncle Larry from their Allentown, PA (*sings* so we're living here in Allentown...) show!

And its official..You CAN molest Jackson!! (his words..Not Mine!!) And, he's such a 'grammar whore' *dies laughing* just like me!

It seems that Ben G was accosted in the bathroom by two girls which lead to his shirt being ripped and a tie theft and some girl tried to make off with Jackson's hat. Bad girls!! *face palm* And people thought I was MAD when I compiled the What NOT to do list! See.. That is why!!

But yes!! Check out this must see interview by clicking HERE!!


  1. You so rock for this.. Thanks for the comments and for linking the interview...

    KimR~ CullenBoysAnonymous.com

  2. Nice to know I'm so loved, thanks


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