11 June 2009

Well Well..

Seeing how my modem died on me Sunday morning, I was not aware I was a winner on The Twilight Sisterhood.. (thank you Nessa :) ) Especially since it used my other email address lol. So yeah it was a huge shock!

Also, I saw a lot of the 100Monkeys clips from their shows over the weekend..Good job guys! Now hurry your keisters to the Windy City..lol

Seems there is some debate over who should play the late Jeff Buckley... My vote will be with James Franco.. He closely resembles my musical soul-mate than any of the contenders..Although, Rob's voice has some strong similarities..

Robsten ..eh..I'm not going there...lol

Last Airbender..*jumps up and down with glee* hehe..I can't wait..

Did I mention I will be in a play locally here? yep!! Is June 15th and I'm uber excited! If you are in the vicinity and want to see it or want more info, drop me a line her or on twitter @gallifreyreject

Oh yeah..Kstew is portraying Jona Jett in a biopic called The Runaways (which also was the band of the awesome Lita Ford!) and to channel her inner rocker and to look like Joan circa 1970's, she cut and dyed her hair.. Dedication!!

I just hope it doesn't come across as a Josie and the Pussycats meets Band Slam(although I liked the Josie movie :) ).. Remember Kstew hun, no blinking...lol

Rob's in NY..Whoohoo!

Peter Facinelli's new role on Nurse Jackie.. Hilarious..lol

Season 2 of True Blood premiers Sunday @ 9pm EST

um.. i think that's all..lol

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