21 June 2009

Lacking Motivation

I lack motivation...

Yes, me! Sucks doesn't it. Today I was supposed to see my mom sing with her choir, but alas, I am at home.. Why, because my ginormous arse can't fit anything! You are prolly going ok, and, so lose the damn weight fat ass! Easier said than done shithead! Do you know how hard it is to lose weight? I thyink I've done everything besides being cut open and crap! The funny thing was I've lost weight before.. And I felt really good about myself.. I felt I accomplished something. Now its like oh fuck! The bad thing is motivation.. I need it! I need to be told daily to get off my ass and work out.. But how? I do it daily..Tell myself to do it and next thing you know, nada..

So, I want you to tell me how do YOU get motivated to achieve a goal? It could be anything from losing weight to, say meeting someone. So yes..comment below! Cause a sistah need some help!l

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