10 January 2010

'Rex' Update

As most know, David Tennant was filming a television pilot for NBC called, 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer' (Rex), before Christmas. Well, the pilot is DONE and it will be screened tomorrow (jumps up and down in a tizzy fit). The premise of the show is that Rex is a Chicago lawyer who has panic attacks that prevent him from defending his clients in court. So what happens is that the clients end up representing themselves; with his assistance of course.

David on the set of 'Rex'.

Let us all send out positive vibes and such so that NBC picks up the series; cause we all know that besides late night and Biggest Loser, they really don't have jack squat! Not to mention their ratings are low! Plus, if they do anything like they did with ER, Chicago might get some screen time:) *giddy smile* YEah us out of work actors in Chicago need some jobs! lol

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