30 January 2010

No More Doctor Who For Bille Piper

In an interview with Digital Spy, Billie Piper (Doctor Who,Secret Diary of a Call Girl) stated that she will not be returning to the blue box. As we all know, Rose was left in an alternate universe with Human Clone Doctor at the end of Journey's End. Billie told the interviewer that she has no intention of portraying Rose Tyler with Eleventh Incarnation, Matt Smith.

"I think it's done now, isn't it? I think that ship has sailed. That old, wooden ship-I really loved doing it, but Doctor Who has moved on – it's different people, different crew, different production team and I can't keep going back. It's ridiculous! It's time to move on…"

She also stated that she was upset that David Tennant decided to leave the show and thinks that Matt Smith will be great in the role. Billie also mentioned that at the time of the interview, she had not seen David's final scenes.

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