10 January 2010

New Series 5 Promo Pic

Ok.. As far as I'm concerned, the next season (series) of Doctor Who will be called Series 5! I am not calling it Series one, Season 37, yada..yada..yada.. I know there is a new man taking over, but really people! It's all canon! As we all know, Ten (David Tennant) had regenerated into his Eleventh incarnation (Matt Smith). The BBC has released a promo pic of Matt. See Below..

He does have a weird chin and he reminds me of Doctor number two, Partick Troughton, in his costume. I was never a fan of bow ties.. But, as I've stated before, I'm going to watch to see what he does.. Although no on can replace Ten, there is room in my Whovian heart for others :D

pic courtesy of BBC

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