27 January 2010

How To Get Over Ten

After Doctor Who: The End Of Time part one & two aired, I posed a question via my Twitter account asking fans, "How Do You Get Over Losing Ten?" Reason being is that David Tennant's turn as the Tenth Doctor is deemed the best incarnation of the beloved character; beating out perennial favorite Tom Baker! Personally, David is on my list in this order:

  1. Tom Baker ( The Scarf.. Nuff said!)
  2. David Tennant (Geek chic ala Scottish Bloke!)
  3. Peter Davidson (Cricket anyone?)
  4. Jon Pertwee (He might have been a dandy, but the man was awesome!)
  5. Paul McGann (Seriously. He was the best thing out of that 1996 movie!!)
  6. Patrick Troughton (Mad clown!)
As most of us sat on our beds, chairs, sofas, etc. crying watching Ten leaves before our eyes (yeah, I cried and I know you did as well!) it was an emotional night. There was something David brought to the role that made us feel for Ten deeply like no other Doctor before him; even though we knew for over a year David decided not to stay.. *sniffs* For some people, this was their first Doctor. But for others, like myself, we had seen the character regenerate before. I must say that this regeneration was massive and completely topped any previous regeneration!

The responses to my question was hilarious! So, I have compiled the list here :)

  1. Watch Series 2, 3 & 4 over and over until all dialogue is memorized and David's English & Scottish accents are perfected!
  2. Read Doctor Who Fan Fics and imagine yourself in the TARDIS with Ten, after dropping Rose in a wormhole!
  3. Watching fan videos on YouTube.
  4. Making several fan videos and posting them on all Whovian fan sites!
  5. Avoid reality by not watching The End Of Time parts one & two and repeating, "Ten did not regenerate!" over and over.
  6. Pray the new writers are fans of the old Who's "The Five Doctors", "The Three Doctors" etc., so that Ten makes an appearance during Matt Smith's tenure.
  7. Talking to other geeks/nerds for Ten Therapy Sessions.
  8. Look forward to all the other things David will do.
  9. Eat ice cream and watch Doctor Who box-sets.
  10. Join YouTube Tenth Doctor tribute video contest.
  11. Call up a friend and sob about Tens good old days.
  12. Stalk David Tennant and beg him to go back to Doctor Who.
  13. Stalk Steven Moffat and beg him to have Matt Smith regenerate into Ten again (wibbly wobbly, timey, wimey..)
  14. Listen to every podcast with David Tennant.
  15. Watch DW parodies from TimeLordFromHell and other fans.
  16. Vote for the NTA's, knowing that you live in the States and that the vote may not be counted...
  17. Tweet, email, & stalk NBC and tell them to pick up Rex Is Not Your Lawyer for Fall
  18. Watch Hamlet!
  19. Watch Secret Smile!
  20. Watch Blackpool, Casanova, Einstein & Eddington, and Recovery!
Thanks to all my Twitter Whovians for their responses :D

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