10 January 2010

The Ratings Are In For The End Of Time Parts One and Two!

Just as the headline of this entry says!

BBC America has put out the numbers for Doctor Who: The End of Time part two, which featured David Tennant's character, The Doctor, regenerating into Eleventh incarnation Matt Smith, drew in the network's biggest ratings! The initial broadcast of TEOT part two, averaged over a million viewers (1.015 million myself included) on BBC America! Part two did better than Part one that aired a week before with 671,000 viewers. It also did better than the Waters of Mars episode, which averaged 803,000.

The re-broadcast from 11:30 pm to 1 am averaged 224,000 and 2:30 am to 4 am added 96,000 views! This totals up to over 1.4 million viewers with the three airings!

This should tell BBC One and BBC America something!

Source TVBythe numbers

screen caps by me. Doctor Who courtesy of BBC :)

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