24 January 2010

David Tennant Pilot Delayed??

David Tennant's foray into American TV might be delayed.. Until fall. Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello is saying that the pilot, 'Rex Is Not Your Lawyer', was up for consideration to air in the Spring; as one of the empty slot-fillers left open by Jay Leno going back to late-night.

A source at NBC told Ausiello that 'Rex' is still up for consideration for fall stating that, "“The sets are on fold-and-hold. They will still be available if the show is picked up for the fall.”

This means that we might be waiting a while for Tennant to grace our American screens! Well, at least we have re-runs of Doctor Who on PBS and our DVDs. What pisses me off about NBC is that they make poor decisions in regards to their programming. Tennant has an established fan-base in American due to his tenure as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who, and for NBC not to capitalize on this is poor judgment.

Seriously, NBC, don't you think you have made too many screw ups recently??

source AusielloFiles

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