06 July 2009

I Wonder, Wonder Who....

You all are probably wondering why the lack of Rob/Kstew coverage regarding their other projects... Well, it is because it isn't really anything new or different that I can post as of late. And I refuse to post gossip! Everyone in the fandom has been posting pics and things and almost really look the same. So in my infinite wisdom (laughs), I decided not to post. But I have been working on other projects so do stay tuned!

But in other news, I'm planning a trip to MI! Since I am not able to start my classes at AADA (which btw started today :( ), I am road tripping it!

On August 15th, I will be attending the Spencer Bell Legacy show in Aurburn Hills, MI. Bands include Tin Tin Can, The Stevedores and 100Monkeys! There are two shows that day. An all ages at 2pm and 21+ at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now at Callahans.

Am I excited, yes!

I also get to see my peeps and hang out for which is sure to be a fucktastic event!

I love spreading the word about Spencer and his music! He left such a impact on those who knew him and his music is just awesome! Spencer passed away in 2006 from Adrenal Cancer. This cancer is rare, but with help, we can find a way to beat it down! It is very deadly and once caught, the survival rate is slim, and there is very little awareness regarding this aggressive form of cancer.

If you are on Facebook, join the cause and let others know about it!

Causes on Facebook Adrena Cancer

All donations made on the page go to the

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit
111 Miller Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

for more information about Spencer, please visit Spencer Bell Memorial

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