24 June 2011

Something New

'Ello Lovelies!

I've been working on some things & i'd like to share this with you..


He's the type that's hard to talk to,
Doesn't like conflict and neither do I.
I am conflicted.
Confused by everything thrown my way.
The silence kills me,
A blow to my self-esteem..
I'm wondering am I falling..

Unitentionally willing to sit this out.
That's not me,
Not what I'm about.
I don't know becomes common
I'm used to this now.
I speak and the walls come up.
Falling backwards & hopeless..

Made up my mind & it has to end,
I can't stay, there is no battle to win.
I'm used to this now
The unrequited cycle..
Option-land knows my name
Sorry he doesn't feel the same.

No reasons to hang on to this ledge,
No need to push anymore.
I see,
There is truth in your actions,
Your words are deciphered..
The lines are rehearsed..

I'm making this worse...
If you felt the same way I did,
You wouldn't go,
Or leave me this way...

Copyright 2011 Saturday'sChild

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