19 April 2011

Goodbye, Sarah Jane...

Friends, colleagues, and fans throughout the Whonivers are mourning the passing of Elisabeth Sladen. Best known to fans as companion Sarah Jane Smith, Elisabeth played one of the most memorable & beloved companions in the series. She was companion to incarnations 3&4 of The Doctor during the 70's and early 80's. Elisabeth reprised the role for Dimesions in Time & the revised series with David Tennant. Most recently, she was the title character in the CBBC series, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

As a fan, I am deeply saddeded by the news. Ms. Sladen was 63 and the BBC is reporting she was suffering from cancer. I will have a longer post & dedication to her later in the week.

My deepest symapthies & condolences go out to her husband & daughter, family, friends and those who had the pleasure of working with her.

"Goodbye, Sarah Jane.."

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