24 June 2011

break me

Still working on this one..

Break Me

You have it but act like you don't.
You have me but act like I don't exist..
This reality isn't fair.
This heart held in your hands..
As fragile as I stand,
On sheer will I am..
This damage to my psyche
Was there before you found me.
And all while I'm drifting,
This current pulls & pushes me along,
Against the rocks on the shore,
I keep screaming nevermore to the silence..

You don't comprehend how
My heart is in your hands..
I'm pleading for you..
Not to break me.
Promise not to break me.

I couldn't survive again,
These cuts will never mend..
Unravelling at my seams.
Looking through me,
Phase right through me..
I guess I'm something to pass the time..

A distraction in your eyes..

Never ask cause you don't care.
Never care cause I'm not really there..
Pretty words to pacify..
Non-existant in your eyes,
I was so blind..

I'm consumed & the fire is killing me.
This shell wasn't made for this journey.
Killing my soul slowly,
Permantently hollow..
You promised to tread lightly,
But your heavy as a stone..

Reniged on your word,
Purgatory you've placed me in..
Promises like sand,
Seep through my shaky hand.
No absolution from you..

I'm busted, broken & sliced in two..
Damaged, unrepairable by you..
You promised not to break me..
Then why am I in pieces...

Copyright 2011 Saturday'sChild

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