03 April 2010

New Doctor Describes How Life Has Changed

Matt Smith, the Eleventh incarnation of The Doctor, sat down with What's On TV and talked about how being cast on Doctor Who has affected his life.

Matt's favourite thing about Doctor Who: "That’s a tough one. The TARDIS or the sonic screwdriver maybe. What is so thrilling about it as an actor is that every day is unlike anything else.. It is such a thrill every morning, you never quite know how the day is going to go, but in terms of his world I think my favourite thing is his brain. I like being able to get into the head the cleverest man in the universe, which he is."
On life-changing: "Yes, your daily life changes significantly, if you go into Tesco it is not quite the same as going into Tesco a year before. I am sure that will continue once it is on the telly, but it is just something you adapt to and like anything new in life, you change with as much grace as you can. My family are thrilled though; it changes their life too. My mum goes into work and she is Doctor Who’s mum. It is a mad thing!"

On advice from David Tennant: "Not about the part, but I talked to David and Billie about being in the show and they are lovely souls. We just talked about life in Cardiff and life in this show, which was very helpful. We chatted about it as fans as much as anything else."

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