13 July 2011

tricks are for kids

In this day and age, we rely on technology for practically everything. From work to our personal lives, we utilize technology.. but this is where I have a problem. Technology as a substitute for human communication. Take Facebook. I have people on my page who result to 'poking' me rather than send me a quick note or post on my wall. Hello!! If you poke me in real life, you're going to get the finger! Why assume poking me on a social media site would be any different? And my biggest pet peeve

Texting as sole communication!!

I'm a texter and I'm not ashamed.. but having a conversation via text annoys the hell out of me! You have my number but refuse to use it.. Now most cell plans, like mine, have unlimited calling plans with their data/text plans. So, if you tell someone you have such a plan, why are you NOT utilizing it?

It's absurd! That screams l a z y to me. I'll give you an example. A guy I know has text conversations with me. How many times he has called me in the last six months, I can count on my tiny hand. I asked, why do you text me more than call? He goes, " its easier for me to work that way." Work that way? Seriously? You working an angle? A big score? Wtf? Even the busiest of us mere humans pick up the phone to dial someone. Like the other day. He sends me a text saying 'what's up'. I reply, 'nothing. nothing at all.' Next thing I know, I get a phone call and some talk about his phone being messed up and him not getting any of his messages and he thought I was being mean and sarcastic with my reply..

Muahahaa!! Dude, if the only time you call is when I send a text you don't like, we don't need to communicate. I understand busy.. I do. But if you are too damn lazy to press a few buttons to make a call, you're just lazy period. People, texting is lovely and I don't dismiss the ease of it. My problem is using it as you MAIN FORM OF COMMUNICATION! Matter of fact, my new stance is this.. if you want to get to know me, call. If you want to carry on a convo or try to initiate a 'relationship' and all you do is text, lose my number. And the word is lose..not loose!

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