21 March 2011

Spencer Bell Legacy- Austin, TX

This year will mark the second time that a Legacy show will be held outside of the grand state of Michigan! (if you arent aware of what SBL is, see below..)Put together by Gain To Give, this show will have returning The Stevedores, Chicago's own, Tin Tin Can, The Kissing Club, a hybrid of musical funkiness known as Mechanical People, and some newer bands on the line up as well. Not to mention, there is a special Friends of SBL at the beginning of the event!! This event, unlike the one held at Trees in Dallas last April, will be an all-day affair! Smashing, yes?!

I will be conducting interviews with people about Spencer's influence & legacy on them. Will make for an awesome finishing piece to my video! I'm excited! Stay tuned to my Twitter feed (@gallifreyreject) for pics from the event! also, i will be posting my thoughts and pics from the event. If youre there, tweet me! Great cause, good music, & an all-around awesome time will be had!

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Oh, btw, another site dedicated to Adrenal Cancer is up and running! Visit Adrenal Cancer Hope :)

Line-up as of 3/21/2011

The Stevedores
Tin Tin Can
The Kissing Club
Union Shop
Mechanical People

About Spencer Bell Legacy

Spencer Bell was a talented musician and artist who died tragically of adrenal cancer at the age of 20 in 2006. The Spencer Bell Legacy was founded by his family and has become an effort to share his work with the world while raising awareness about Adrenal Cancer through annual concerts. The Spencer Bell Memorial Fund is one of three funds that have been established to support the adrenal cancer efforts at the University of Michigan, run by Dr. Gary Hammer. The Spencer Bell Memorial Fund aims to raise awareness for adrenal cancer research, support research and provide a training ground for young students interested in a career in medicine or science through sponsorship of summer research fellowships in laboratories associated with the Adrenal Cancer Program. Visit SpencerBellMemorial

Adrenal Cancer
Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is rare, but very deadly. This type of cancer develops in the outer layer, called the cortex, of the two small adrenal glands that sit on top of each kidney. About 600 new cases are diagnosed each year in the United States with nearly no chance of survival past five years for those diagnosed with advanced disease (stages 3/4).

Adults rarely have obvious symptoms, so they often are not diagnosed until the cancer is large and has spread to other parts of the body. Although adrenal cancer can be treated in adults, it usually comes back. Once it recurs, it is almost always fatal.

(info courtesy og GainToGive.org.. )

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